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10 t SZL Series Biomass Fired Boiler Project

10 t SZL Series Biomass Fired Boiler Project

Project boiler medium: Steam

Capacity: 10 Tons

Project site: Tongshan County, Hubei Province

Equipment: SZL10-1.25-M

Application area: Paper industry

Case introduction

Paper industry is one of the industries that need more boiler equipment. Steam boilers are generally used to provide steam for drying, bleaching and concentration. Hubei Yili Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a paper-making enterprise specializing in the production of sandpaper base paper, insulating paperboard and cable paper with pulpboard. With the continuous expansion of business in recent years, the enterprise began to appear in short supply. In order to expand production scale, the company plans to introduce a new steam boiler. Considering that green development is the main theme of future industry development, the enterprise decided to use biomass particles as boiler fuel.

After investigating and comparing several boilers, Yili Technologies finally chose Zozen Boiler as its biomass boiler supplier. The biomass boilers produced by Zozen Boiler have unique design structure and production technology. They are the first to solve the common problems of traditional biomass boilers, such as arch collapse, door burnout, hopper ignition and stopper coking. At the same time, their characteristics of safety, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are also very remarkable. They have established a good reputation in the market. The sales manager of Zozen Boiler recommended SZL series biomass fired steam boilers after understanding their actual needs. This biomass boiler not only has the above advantages, but also is designed to assemble boilers with compact structure, convenient field installation, short cycle and low cost, to meet the urgent needs of the production line of the enterprise.

Customer feedback

The biomass boilers provided by Zozen Boiler are simple to operate, reasonable in structure design and easy to install and maintain. Moreover, the boiler flue gas has been tested and successfully meets the strict new emission regulations.

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