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Parameters and Price of SZL 15 Ton Assembled Chain Grate Boiler

2022-04-18 15:57:27

SZL 15 ton assembly chain grate boiler is a double-barrel longitudinal chain grate assembly water tube boiler, which is mainly composed of upper and lower barrel, convection tube bundle, water-cooled wall tube, descending tube and collection box, upper and lower barrel longitudinal arrangement, combustion equipment using chain belt type chain grate, driven by stepless variable speed device.

Parameters and Price of SZL 15 Ton Assembled Chain Grate Boiler

Parameters of SZL 15tons Assembled Coal Fired Boiler

Rated evaporation capacity: 15 tons / hour
Rated working pressure: 1.25MPa/1.6MPa
Design fuel: coal (poor coal, lignite, coal, bituminous coal, anthracite) and biomass (straw, rice husk, wood, wood chips, bagasse, palm husk, etc.)
Rated steam temperature: 194℃/204℃
Boiler thermal efficiency: 82%
Maximum transport size: 9300*3310*3530mm


Usage of SZL Assembly Chain Grate Boiler

The series boiler is widely used in the textile, printing and dyeing, paper, chemical, food and other industries to provide the steam heat required for their product processing process.


Advantages of SZL 15 Ton Chain Grate Boiler:

1、Membrane water-cooled wall structure is adopted on both sides of furnace chamber and combustion chamber. Membrane water-cooled wall structure is our company's independent design and original design, the membrane water-cooled wall structure used in power station boilers is applied to the assembly boiler, the advantages of which are large heat transfer coefficient, good conduction effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of the furnace wall, no ash leakage.

2、The water-cooled wall tubes before and after the furnace chamber extend down to the upper part of the grate to form the front and rear arches. The structure is added on the basis of the original mature bulk boiler, on the basis of other heating areas remain unchanged and increase the radiating heating surface of the furnace chamber, the overload capacity is stronger; before and after the arch a water-cooled wall tube for the skeleton and cast with high alumina cement, thus avoiding the original boiler three fold line arch brick long-term high-temperature grill fracture, arch collapse of the malady, thus extending the service life of the arch.

3、The arch design adopts the inverted arch technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, the front arch is high and short, the rear arch is low and long, which increases the combustion time of the flue gas in the furnace chamber and improves the combustion efficiency; the streamlined rear arch can throw the unburned carbon particles blown up in the rear of the grate to the front, which makes the coal easier to ignite and the ignition line is neat; the coal type is widely applicable.

4、The length of the front and rear axle of the furnace is longer than the same type of domestic products, which prolongs the burning time of the fuel in the furnace chamber, makes the coal burn fully and reduces the carbon content of the slag; increases the effective area of the grate, and the overload capacity of the boiler is obviously enhanced.

5、Using double side air inlet, six independent air chambers are set up along the longitudinal direction of the grate, and there are independent air regulating devices between each chamber to adjust the air volume size of each chamber respectively to achieve the best adjustment and combustion effect.

SZL 15 tons assembly chain grate boiler price will be affected by a variety of factors such as boiler capacity, auxiliary accessories, manufacturers, if you want to get 15 tons coal-fired boiler price, welcome to consult online customer service or email to zhulin@zozen.com, ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. will be happy to serve you!

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